Division Of Complex Assets In Pittsburgh

The importance of financial stability following divorce cannot be understated. Protecting your interests is critical no matter what amount of marital property will be divided. When the parties seeking divorce have accumulated substantial assets, however, the division of those assets becomes more complex. It also becomes that much more important to get it right.

The Pittsburgh law firm of McCarthy McDonald Schulberg & Joy has the knowledge and experience to assist individuals in high-asset divorce cases. All of our partners have a minimum of 10 years of family law experience; half have been practicing family law for more than 30 years, and all of our attorneys have a long track record of success working with doctors, lawyers, business owners and other professionals as well as their spouses.

Allegheny County High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

When a divorcing couple has substantial net worth, the division of marital property can get complicated quickly. We work with highly regarded financial professionals, real estate valuators, forensic accountants, tax professionals, pension valuators and other professionals to gain a complete and accurate picture of the value of the marital estate.

It is not uncommon for a party to attempt to hide income or provide incomplete or inaccurate information regarding their income and assets. If necessary, we will work with forensic accountants, tax specialists, business valuators and others who can bring clarity to the total financial picture in order to obtain a fair judgment regarding asset division.

You get one bite at the apple when dividing marital property in divorce. If you discover afterward that you did not receive solid legal counsel, it is too late to do anything about it. We have decades of experience working with clients who have substantial assets, including:

  • Closely held businesses
  • Professional partnerships or practices
  • Second homes or investment real estate
  • Complex stock holdings
  • Pension plans and retirement funds
  • Antiques, art, autos and other high-value collectibles
  • Oil and gas interests

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